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Mission Hungary

Mission Hungary

3 steps for implementing a new culture in the organization

Last week Fresh People went on a mission to Hungary 🇭🇺

 The partner: Jabil

🌌 The context: The  team goes beyond Spain and has multiple locations including Hungary. Each has a different background and different culture.

🎯 The objective: To create a framework from which each team can work, bearing in mind their strengths and creating a common culture that represents Jabil in each country.

How did we meet the challenge?

We divided the mission into 3 different stages:

🔎 Stage 1: Ground Tracking

In this first stage, the objective was to understand how the industry paradigm has evolved in terms of people management and how it impacts the situation of the Hungarian team in relation to their people challenges. It was vital  to know where we stood in order  to create the best path to achieve our new people management goals. We asked ourselves the following questions:

How does this evolution directly impact the relationship between companies and their collaborators?

How should leadership accompany teams and organizations to evolve in this new era?

Once we shared this info, we defined what  the role of a leader should be in their specific context.  From there, we created the ground rules the team will use going forward  to guide the behavior they promote in the teams.

We analyzed the leadership style of the Hungarian team, using DISC as the main communication tool and catalyst in  our discussions.

🚀 Stage 2: Team Development

The objective of this phase  was to ramp up trust and collaboration among the leadership team, to generate the best possible results by implementing simple everyday changes.

We continue to understand how useful DISC can be with teams, building the talent map by taking stock  of their communication styles as a leadership team and helping them  to accompany team members in building and maintaining stronger relationships.

Tribal Leadership was another pillar of the second-stage workshops: Understanding how important the language that we use as a team is and the impact that it could have on the health of the team, such as the change agents leaders can use to take the team to the next tribe.

After this morning-long warm up, we were ready to dive deep into understanding which emotions, mindsets, and behaviors energize us, as well as which ones block us in managing  tensions in the best and most constructive manner. We revealed  some elephants in the room as a psychological safety exercise.

🧠 Stage 3: Retrospective and new commitments

Last but not least, the most important stage for the mission is to set up a reset and apply everything we learned in the previous stages to consider:

✅ What we are doing well and want to keep doing

⛔ What we are not comfortable with and want to leave behind 

🌠 What we want to incorporate (and how we prioritize these factors)

We closed the 3-day workshop with our heads bursting 🤯, but with a ton of usable tools, improvements as a team, and new commitments that herald  the beginning of a new people-management understanding in the Jabil Hungary team. Thanks to all of you for your good energy, group reflections, and for your openness, and trust  in Fresh People to accompany you on this path.

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